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Welcome to Hot Diggity Dog! Here's how it all got started:

My love of animals began when I was young. I grew up on my family’s farm in Gold Hill, NC and helped my parents and grandparents take care of a “menagerie of animals”. Each of the grandchildren was given an animal or two to take care of. We had goats, chickens, horses, pigs, cows, dogs and cats. I learned so many life lessons growing up on the farm and so many memories of childhood with cousins.

My greatest inspiration to start this business is the love I have for my own dogs.

When Jessie, our beautiful sweet Chocolate Lab, was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma (cancer) we were heartbroken…more like devastated! We thought we were doing all the right things for her health and wellbeing...were we WRONG!

So, my journey began and so did the research! I began calling, writing, reading and web searching.  Calling and questioning company after company on manufacturing practices, raw material origination, quality control standards and of course scouring the FDA website for recall histories. In a little over 18 months a decision was made, Hot Diggity Dog, a specialty store for dogs was born.

It’s really scary to think of the many environmental factors that negatively affect our own health not to mention our pet’s health.  We have such little control. However, we do have a significant amount of control in their daily diet, what products we expose them to such as toys, bedding material, grooming products, pest control methods and even vaccination protocol. For me, over-vaccinating is a big bad issue but I’ll save that argument for you and your vet.

3665 Liberty Rd. Gold Hill, NC 28071

Proper veterinary care, proper nutrition, training, exercise and unlimited love and hugs are essential to my dog’s wellbeing and longevity.  Our dogs are family. They offer unconditional devotion and love not to mention the joy and happiness that they add to the ordinarily hoe-hum day.

I am a proud “dog mom” and wife to my high school sweetheart, Mark, who has been so supportive of my business and my crazy love for dogs.  We were blessed to have the most amazing Labs…Dixie, Jessie, Buzz, Ralphie and Buck. They are in Heaven now and are no longer suffering from disease.  Our new family consists of two more rescued Labs…Shad and Hooch.  Life with these two boys is always an adventure!

I hope you’ll take time to stop by Hot Diggity Dog.